Project Installation


This documentation describes the installation of dpaste into an existing Django project. If you want to run the application standalone, see Standalone Installation (or local development).


Misaka, the Markdown renderer used in dpaste may need “dev” packages for compilation on Debian based Linux distributions. Install it with sudo apt install python3.5-dev.

Install the latest dpaste release in your environment. This will install all necessary dependencies of dpaste as well:

$ pip install dpaste

Add dpaste.apps.dpasteAppConfig to your INSTALLED_APPS list:

    # ...

Add dpaste and the (optiona) dpaste_api url patterns:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    # ...

    url(r'my-pastebin/', include('dpaste.urls.dpaste')),
    url(r'my-pastebin/api/', include('dpaste.urls.dpaste_api')),

Finally, migrate the database schema:

$ migrate dpaste