This package is available through the python package index, pypi. You can install the latest version by:

pip install django-generic-flatblocks

Add the module to your INSTALLED_APPS in your settings:

    'django_generic_flatblocks.contrib.gblocks',  # Optional sample models

Make sure that django.core.context_processors.request was added to your TEMPLATE options:

    'BACKEND': 'django.template.backends.django.DjangoTemplates',
    'OPTIONS': {
        'context_processors': [

(Optional) Define the url prefix to your contrib.admin installation in the setting ADMIN_URL_PREFIX. Most commonly this is /admin/. Beware the trailing slash.

Migrate the database schemas:

./ migrate

See Quickstart for a quick demonstration or Detailed usage for a detailed integration.

Local Development

Install the package using pipenv:

$ cd django-generic-flatblocks
$ pipenv install --dev
$ pipenv run test

You can run the testsuite against a variety of Python and Django versions with tox:

$ cd django-generic-flatblocks
$ tox