Contributed content nodesΒΆ

django-generic-flatblocks comes with some very commonly used content-nodes. They are not installed by default. To do so, insert django_generic_flatblocks.contrib.gblocks to your INSTALLED_APPS in your settings and resync your database: ./ syncdb.

The contributed content nodes are:

  • gblocks.Title: A CharField rendered as a <h2> Tag.
  • gblocks.Text: A TextField rendered as html paragraphs. (This is what django-chunks provides)
  • gblocks.Image: A ImageField rendered as <img> Tag.
  • gblocks.TitleAndText: A CharField and a TextField. (This is what django-flatblocks provides)
  • gblocks.TitleTextAndImage: A CharField, TextField and ImageField

So if you want to display a title and textfield, use this templatetag for example:

{% gblock "about_me" for "gblocks.TitleAndText" %}